Perth Property Insider Ep. 06: Subdividing with Jay Sidhu Part 2

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If you have already chosen the perfect land property for your dream subdivision… That’s just the beginning. Without having a clear idea of the next few steps in your subdivision journey, you might end up wasting more money than necessary.
Today’s episode is Part 2 of my talk with Director of Vision Surveys Consulting, Jay Sidhu, on subdividing Perth. This week, Jay shares what happens after surveying is done, how long it takes to get your project approved with the WAPC, typical costs and lots more!
If you want to jump into your subdivision investment journey more prepared than ever, then this episode is perfect for you!
Tune in now!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Subdividing a rear corner block [00:59]
  2. The next crucial steps after surveying [03:18]
  3. Dealing with the WAPC [07:55]
  4. How to get clearances [09:41]
  5. Is it okay to start while the approval is still pending? [11:21]
  6. The cost of subdividing while retaining a house [12:45]
  7. The length of time required to prepare for the project [17:07]
  8. Knowing when a property stacks up [19:02]
  9. Why it’s not wise to rush and avail of the grant [20:19]


About Our Guest:

Jay Sidhu has been working in the surveying industry since 2009 before stepping into his Director role at Vision Surveys Consulting in 2019. His breadth of experience and insight helped him gain advantage over other consultants in the area. Currently, he is a candidate for MBA with the Curtin Graduate Business School at Perth, WA.

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