Perth Property Insider Ep. 07: 7 Shocking Things You Need to Know Before Hiring A Property Manager with Jewayne Loong

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Your property manager is your most crucial member of your investing team when it comes to improving your returns and protecting your most important asset. That’s why it’s imperative to find a good one to manage your investment for you.

But how much do you really know about property managers? Are you sure you’re putting your property in the right hands?… The reality of what goes on behind the scenes might shock you!

This week, we’ll drop some bombs—the hidden truths—about the property management space. Listen in as we reveal the 7 most shocking things about property managers with my colleague and repeat guest, Jewayne Loong.

Tune in for an intriguing seventh episode of the Perth Property Insider!

Episode Highlights:

  1. It only takes 4 days of training to get a property manager licence [05:26]
    • The crucial skills required in training [07:34]
    • The dilemma of looking for a skilled property manager [08:31]
  2. Most property managers haven’t owned a property before [11:06]
  3. Some will never see the properties they manage [13:04]
  4. Many don’t know how to properly market your property [14:50]
  5. Many don’t carry out a detailed condition report [17:20]
    • The necessity of a thorough condition report for legislative purposes [18:28]
  6. Many property managers are shockingly bad communicators [21:06]
  7. Too many investors are not getting paid rent [23:49]


About Our Guest:

After working for more than 8 years at Investors’ Edge Real Estate, Jewayne Loong has shown great passion for helping property investors improve their property returns. After three years as a Property Manager, he was promoted to Business Development Manager and shows excellent performance to this day. Awarded as the Property Manager of the Year 2013, he helps both landlords & tenants resolve conflicts and shares insights in his monthly blog.

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