Perth Property Insider Ep. 15: How to Treat Your Investing As Your Business with Jewayne Loong

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Have you developed an investing mindset that helps you succeed or is it hindering you?

Something I’ve been seeing often with our new clients is that they don’t treat investing like a business.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Especially since you are putting your money into property that you buy and the end result depends on whether you’ve made the right decisions.

So I get together again with 2013 Property Manager of the Year, Jewayne Loong, as we talk about what’s the right mindset when getting into property investing and certainly needed to grow a portfolio. 

Make sure you set your property investing up for success by tuning in to this episode now.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Topics we’ll be going through [01:29]
  2. Without a real plan, you don’t know where you’re going [02:30]
  3. Self-managing might not be best [05:08]
  4. What to look for when choosing a service provider [07:13]
    • Check out online reviews and awards [10:06]
    • Cheap isn’t always best [12:09]
  5. Other expenses investors should consider [13:04]
  6. Take advantage and maximise your tax deductions [16:04]
  7. Your tenant is your client: Don’t delay maintenance [17:16]
  8. Tips for setting up a low maintenance property [19:42]
  9. Don’t make decisions based on what the media says [22:38]
  10. Property investing is a long-term business [25:11]
  11. Focus on when you get your capital back [26:04]

About Our Guest:

After working for more than 8 years at Investors’ Edge Real Estate, Jewayne Loong has shown great passion for helping property investors improve their property returns. After three years as a Property Manager, he was promoted to Business Development Manager and shows excellent performance to this day. Awarded as the Property Manager of the Year 2013, he helps both landlords & tenants resolve conflicts and shares insights in his monthly blog.


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