Perth Property Insider Ep. 18: How to Make Better Decisions with Stuart Wemyss

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A financial mistake can really set you back in your investing journey while the right decisions can compound to get you ahead safely and much faster. 

I myself have been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make better overall investing decisions. So I’ve brought in my personal financial adviser, Stuart Wemyss, today to discuss some of the common mistakes and how to make better overall evidence-based decisions. 

We cover offsetting a strategy, buying the right assets, evidence-based property selection, the common attributes of investment-grade property, and much more!

Short circuit the process and learn from the experts by tuning in now.

Episode Highlights:

  1. The fundamentals to investing are universal [01:35]
  2. Get an expert to help you [03:27]
  3. Decisions have a compounding effect on your outcome [04:59]
  4. Start by making a long-term strategy [08:50]
    • Utilise the best of each asset class [12:01]
  5. Find out who can help you make the best decision [12:56]
  6. Practice delaying gratification [17:11]
  7. Stop chasing a number: It’s all about buying the right asset [19:12]
  8. Why some clients buy only 1-2 properties [21:01]
  9. Making the push for evidence-based property selection [24:23]
  10. Three common attributes of investment-grade property [25:53]
    • Strong land value component [26:07]
    • Scarcity in supply [27:34]
    • Proven performance [28:07]
  11. Takeaways from Stuart’s book, Investopoly [31:21]
  12. It only takes a handful of really good decisions to reach your goals [33:50]
  13. Stop chasing popular trends for short-term gains [35:56]


About Our Guest:

Stuart Wemyss is a financial adviser, tax agent, and mortgage broker. He founded ProSolution Private Clients, which provides commission-free financial planning, accounting/tax, insurance, and mortgage broking services. ProSolution is unique in that they have an equal amount of experience in investing in both property and shares.

Stuart is also the author of the books, Rules of the Lending Game and Investopoly.


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