Perth Property Insider Ep. 24: What’s Ahead for Our Capital City Property Markets with Michael Yardney

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Will we see the Perth property market follow the trends happening on the East Coast?

The Perth market can sometimes be seen as entirely separate from the rest of Australia, but from a broader perspective, we shouldn’t discount what’s happening in other parts of our country and the influence on our market. 

My guest is going to be a treat to the listeners. He’s recently been voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Influential Thought Leaders and is the author of international bestseller, Rich Habits, Poor Habits.

That’s right, Michael Yardney joins me on the show today as he gives us his insider view on the East Coast property market. His insights are sure to provide a better understanding on what’s ahead and how Perth fits into the larger picture.

Be sure not to miss this episode as you’ll surely get as excited as we are for the future of Perth property!

Episode Highlights:

  1. What Michael thought about the comeback of the property market [02:18]
  2. Will this carry over to the East Coast capital markets? [04:58]
  3. What’s been driving the markets [06:44]
  4. Where Michael’s investors are investing [10:08]
  5. Is our property growth going to continue? [12:56]
  6. Does Michael expect a tightening in lending? [16:44]
  7. Why did we have strong growth even without overseas migration? [18:43]
  8. The impact of population on different market segments [21:41]
  9. How COVID changed where and how we want to live [24:04]
  10. The different tiers of homes in Melbourne [27:47]


About Our Guest:

Michael Yardney has recently been voted one of Australia’s top 50 influential thought leaders. While he is best known as a property expert, Michael is also Australia’s leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation and the author of 9 books including the international best-seller Rich Habits, Poor Habits, which has been translated into 5 languages.

He was once again voted Australia’s leading property investment advisor, the 5th time he has won this award in the last 7 years. Michael is highly influential with his opinions regularly featured in the media. He is the director of Metropole Property Strategists. Metropole helps their clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy.


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