Perth Property Insider Ep. 25: Filling the Financial Education Gap – Part 1 with Lacey Filipich

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Growing up we’re taught about a lot of things. But there’s one thing people missed gaining a good understanding of…. Financial Education

I’ve seen it often go wrong with people who manage to create some wealth. By not having a solid foundation, they find themselves sinking back instead of rising further.

To help you avoid this roller coaster, I’ve brought in the author of this amazing book, Money School. Lacey Filipich joins me as we go through the ins and outs of financial education. 

But wait there’s more because in Part 2 coming out next week, we’ll be covering asset selection, whether you should prioritise cash flow or growth assets, whether you should pay for the advice of a specialist, and how you can achieve financial independence sooner.

Make sure you’re building the wealth that will last, so get into this episode now!

Episode Highlights:

  1. How Lacey’s engineering background helped her in the finance space [01:52]
  2. What’s the point of having financial independence [03:36]
  3. Why you’d want to start early [05:09]
  4. How Lacey’s mom imparted her own financial knowledge [06:19]
  5. Don’t make decisions from one piece of information [09:35]
  6. The impact of Rich Dad, Poor Dad on her [10:43]
  7. Why she started with rentvesting first [12:51]
  8. Aim for being time rich: Why should you want it [15:53]
  9. How long it’ll take to be financially independent [17:06]
  10. Is the idea of retirement now outdated  [18:17]
  11. The benefit of doing a mini-retirement [20:06]
  12. How to follow the Shit to Gold Ratio [21:48]
  13. Three personal finance rules you should know [24:26]
  14. What do you do when you can’t save money [26:24]


About Our Guest:

Lacey Filipich is the Founder and Director of two education businesses, Money School and Maker Kids Club. Her goal is to help people become financially independent so they can be time rich. I’m known for translating financial concepts into plain English and breaking down what seems complex into simple, straightforward steps.

She is also an author, speaker, and volunteer. Her first non-fiction book, Money School, is out and really worth a read.


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