Perth Property Insider Ep. 29: Is Cash Flow King? With Tommy Segoro

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Should you focus on cash flow or growth?

Most property investors fall into one of two camps. One camp invests in positive cash flow properties. And the other one prefers investing in the highest performing suburb for growth.

While I myself prefer to focus on growth, it is still important to get the perspective of the cash flow-focused investors. So I’ve brought in Easy Buyer’s Agent Tommy Segoro to give us his view on how to make this strategy work.

There isn’t a one-size fits all strategy when it comes to property investing, so I’m sure understanding the pros and cons of each side will give a more balanced view.

Find out which strategy works best for you by tuning in now!




Episode Highlights:

  1. What activities are happening in the market [02:03]
  2. When the market will start making gains [04:09]
  3. Tommy’s property investing journey [06:37]
  4. Tommy’s strategy for adding value to property [09:09]
  5. What help Tommy offers to investors [12:56]
  6. Flipping vs long-term investing [15:51]
  7. Renovation is a great way to create equity [17:42]
  8. Should you get a property manager? [19:22]
  9. Start with something safe and know what you’re buying into [23:12]
  10. Why Tommy chooses to focus on cash flow [26:12]
  11. Why most investors don’t buy more than 2 properties [28:56]
  12. Biggest mistakes investors make [33:11]
  13. Strategies Tommy uses to help his clients [36:36]



About Our Guest:

Tommy Segoro has been helping his clients in buying the right property. He has more than 10 years experience in property investment specialising in passive investing, and owns more than 5 investment properties.

Having experienced purchasing a bad investment himself and losing money, he knows that for a client to succeed a lot of time and effort is needed to find the right property. With that idea, he started Easy Buyer’s Agent so that clients can avoid the stress related to doing the research, profit calculations, dealing with real estate agents, negotiating, property inspecting, managing builders, and asking all the right questions.

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