Perth Property Insider Ep. 38 – Finding Your Next Property Deposit


Once you start investing in property, it only makes sense to keep going, right? But how do you find the money for your next deposit?


Accumulating wealth and building a solid property portfolio starts with the right money management and investment techniques. In today’s episode, I’ll delve into how you can start building the deposit you need for your next purchase.


All of these tips are doable and don’t require special skills to implement into your own financial situation. Find out how you can spot a good purchase that will recycle your deposit, tips for supporting a high lending valuation, how to build your savings account like a master money manager, and what differentiates the rich from the rest.







  1. What it really means to ‘buy well’ [1:41]
  2. The value of adding value [3:43]
  3. Don’t forget to check in on your property’s valuation [5:17]
  4. Good money habits come a long way [7:28]
  5. Why you should separate accounts for each purpose [11:27]
  6. Ways to increase your income [15:28]
  7. Avoid buying depreciating assets [17:30]



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Jarrad Mahon is the go-to guy in property management and investment in Perth, giving you his insider view on the Perth market and the strategies needed for you to grow your wealth and improve your life. All you need to do is to stay tuned!



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