Perth Property Insider Ep. 40 – Armchair Guide to Property Investing Success with Bryce Holdaway Pt 2


Welcome back for Part 2 of my exciting conversation with Bryce Holdaway and his armchair guide to property investing success!


In part 1, Bryce and I got clear on the solid foundations for property investing including money management mastery and his take on why investors get stuck. We also got to know Bryce and how he started out in property investing.


For this episode, Bryce shares his answer to the property investment trick question– whether investing for capital growth or cash flow is better. We’ll also dive in on what it takes for investors to succeed including some of his incredibly helpful tips, frameworks and models to make better property decisions.


Tune in now for the continuation of the armchair guide to property investing success with Bryce Holdaway!





  1. Property investment is a process, not an event [01:29]
    • Step #1:  Be clear about where you are and what you have [01:52]
    • Step #2:  Evaluate your own unique circumstances to identify what you need to do [02:15]
    • Step #3:  Bulletproof your plan  [03:06]
    • Step #4: Implementation [04:38]
    • Step#5: Review [04:51]
  2. The buyer’s decision quadrant [06:47]
  3. Popping the proverbial debate question: cash flow or capital growth? [12:06]
  4. Know your number and the four general categories of expenses [17:11]\
  5. Rewiring old beliefs that get in the way of your success [20:06]



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About My Guest:

Perth-born Bryce Holdaway is a partner at Empower Wealth, a multi-division wealth advisory firm based in Melbourne. He is also the host of the Property Couch Podcast and is the author of the must-read books on property investment, Armchair Guide to Property Investing and Make Money Simple Again.



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