Perth Property Insider Ep. 46 – Building Industry Insights with Chester Cutinha – Part 1

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Are you interested to take a peek into what’s really happening inside the building industry and its impact on the overall property market?

Today’s guest, Chester Cutinha has been in the building industry for 12 years now, and he shares some valuable insights he has picked up over those years in his property journey.

Some of the important highlights from this first part include:

  • Understanding site costs,
  • How costs can blow out 
  • Different roles in the building industry,
  • The true cost of building cheap; and
  • What you should be looking for when building a house

Tune in now for what’s really happening in the building industry and make sure you check out part 2 next week because we really get stuck into some juicy topics.


  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Chester Cutinha’s backstory [2:13]
  3. Chester talks about his property journey so far [4:03]
  4. Things to consider when purchasing a property [7:45]
  5. Chester shares valuable lessons from building his first property [9:37]
  6. What Chester loves about his work [14:11]
  7. “Cheaper is not best” You get what you pay for [17:45]
  8. What market segments does Blueprint Homes service? [18:43]
  9. Clarifying the price ranges and what buyers are supposed to get [19:38]

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About Our Guest:

Chester Cutinha is the Workflow, Compliance & Client Relations Manager at Blueprint Homes, the multi award winning builder of quality mid-level homes in the Perth metropolitan area.  After an exceptional building experience as a client of Blueprint Homes in 2008/09, he left a Senior Administrative position at the University of Western Australia to take up a role with their Sales Team in 2009.  In 2011 he moved from the Sales Team to take charge of pre-construction workflow within the office.  Since then, he has steadily worked his way up to his position on the Senior Management Team at Blueprint Homes.  

With over 13 years in the Construction industry, he is deeply passionate about providing an exceptional building experience to Blueprint’s Clients and giving back to the industry.  He also serves as a Committee Member on the Housing Industry Association (HIA) – Western Australia’s Legal & Industrial Relations Committee.

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