Perth Property Insider Ep. 47 – Building Industry Insights with Chester Cutinha – Part 2

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Now more than ever it’s critical to understand what’s happening on the inside of the building industry as it has many flow on affects to the rest of the market.

For Part 2 of our Building Industry Insights, we’re joined again Chester Cutinha of Blueprint Homes, as we discuss how the pandemic has affected the industry and how this has changed trade practices. 

The past year has created a challenging situation with longer timeframes, price increases, changes in build processes, and more.

When building it certainly helps to have an inside view and know the right questions to ask because all builders are not considered equal – especially now

To check out Part1, just click on this link:

We were off to a great start, let’s discover more building industry insights to end the series.


  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. How the building industry has been affected by COVID [1:24] 
  3. Unethical practices from builders & their effects on grant approvals [3:17]
  4. The industry’s recovery from unfair industries & shorter timeframes [4:21] 
  5. Predicting this year’s production rate based on the original timeline- is it a no-win situation? [5:13] 
  6. Not viable – the effect of price increase in resources to builders [6:14] 
  7. Should builders pass on the cost to the clients? [8:52]
  8. When should we start building? [9:15]
  9. Chester explains the overall costs of housing today with stimulus grants in the picture [4:21] 
  10. Industry-related challenges that are faced today [11:12] 
  11. How to deal with cost increase caused by builders biting off more than they can chew [12:03]
  12. Blueprint’s build process: changes in both construction and pre-construction timeframes [12:44] 
  13. Where the extension in timeframes is originating from [14:08]
  14. Builders & clients are working closely to keep each other updated [15:22]
  15. When’s the right time to build a house? [19:08]
  16. Changes in our “savings” mindset [20:57]
  17. Significant changes in building activities before and after stimulus grants [21:45]
  18. Chester’s advice on saving from huge interest rates [23:19]

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About Our Guest:

Chester Cutinha is the Workflow, Compliance & Client Relations Manager at Blueprint Homes, the multi award winning builder of quality mid-level homes in the Perth metropolitan area.  After an exceptional building experience as a client of Blueprint Homes in 2008/09, he left a Senior Administrative position at the University of Western Australia to take up a role with their Sales Team in 2009.  In 2011 he moved from the Sales Team to take charge of pre-construction workflow within the office.  Since then, he has steadily worked his way up to his position on the Senior Management Team at Blueprint Homes.  

With over 13 years in the Construction industry, he is deeply passionate about providing an exceptional building experience to Blueprint’s Clients and giving back to the industry.  He also serves as a Committee Member on the Housing Industry Association (HIA) – Western Australia’s Legal & Industrial Relations Committee.

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