Perth Property Insider Ep. 48 – Playing the Game of Finance with Nick Aves – Part 1

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The financial lending game continues to change and has a major impact on our property markets and the ability for each of us to finance an investment property portfolio.

In this two-part series, with Nick Aves from Purely Finance, we start by talking about how everyone may be affected by the recent changes in lending criteria, and which borrowers are going to be affected by it the most.

We cover off the best ways to get your financial house in order, so you can tick all the right boxes to be irresistible to the lending assessors. Also covering where we see interest rates going and what is most important when considering your lending options. Take down as many notes as you can ‘cause this is going to be an essential topic you need to understand.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as we cover how to play the finance game to your advantage. For now, let’s get started!


  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Guest Introduction [1:50]
  3. Nick shares about the recent transition the financial sector has had to undergo [3:08]
  4. Discussion of the changes in legislation for lenders and banks [4:41]
  5. Bank interest rates: the two kinds [5:36]
  6. Challenges in investing: What are the relative effects of the recent changes? [6:19]
  7. Debt levels and long term interest rates [9:23]
  8. Nick compares the mortgages in Sydney & in Perth [10:40]
  9. Why you should start being careful with your financial decisions [13:38]
  10. What anyone applying for loans needs to do [16:16]
  11. Loyal customers aren’t getting the best deals [17:51]
  12. The financial reality that lenders are facing [20:14]

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Nick Aves has been in the finance industry for over 30 years and has certainly proved to be a true leader in helping clients finance their investments to pay for their dreams. Currently the Director and Finance Broker of Purely Finance, his specialties include providing a simple approach to complex financial issues and providing financial advice. He is a consistent recipient of the PLAN Australia’s Sales Master Award.

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