Rental Property Cleaning Tips that even the kids can do!

As a mum of three kids and working full time I find little tricks like the below very handy and time saving.

As a property manager conducting regular inspections I often have my tenants ask me ways to clean certain areas or what products to use…

These are just a few tips and tricks for any household……

Disinfectant wipes– what a god send these little beauties are. Small enough and gentle enough for even the little hands in your home to help out- these are great also for getting those dreaded handprints off the walls with little to no effort, they are safe for benchtops tables and even the babies high chair tray.

If you have kids I’m sure there has come a time where that stray pencil or texta has been used to make a beautiful picture of a stick figure person on the wall- well stress no more- MAGIC ERASERS to the rescue– these are a staple in my cupboard and have saved me more than once or twice. You can always trust your child to leave a pretty picture right before your inspection. 2 mins and a bit of water BAM gone! Oh and these are great for that stubborn soap scum on glass shower screens.

Indoor broom– if you are like me and find the vacuum does a better job (let’s face it if you getting it out you may aswell do the whole house with it) then you wouldn’t have much use for an indoor broom, well think again, decobbwebbing at a distance is great coz who wants to be up close with the spiders, but something that not many people think to do…. what about scrubbing out your shower recess… i often see soap scum built up or walls with dirty grout. Well your soft indoor brush is soft enough not to scratch or damage glass or tiles and allows u to get in all those corners without being knelt down on the shower floor trying to maneuver yourself, your scrub brush and then try not slip over.

A splash of water and bleach and your shower can sparkle too.

Your indoor brooms are also very handy to wash the outside of security screened windows/ flyscreens.

All you’ll need is a bucket of warm soapy water and your indoor broom….

Spray your windows down with the hose then dip your broom into you bucket of soapy water and scrub the window down… the soft bristles will get in between the security grill sections and help wash you window at the same time. Rinse of again with a hose after.

These are just some handy hints to make cleaning just that bit easier.


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