Perth Wins Major Awards for Planning, Events and Tourism in 2013

While investment property in Perth suburbs is more popular than investment property in Perth CBD, the Perth CBD is still a great place to invest if you have a long term focus. While our buyer’s agents and property management team are among the first to recognise buying patterns in most of its suburbs, we also want to remind people that Perth CBD is an improving place to live and invest.

Perth Wins Major Awards by Property Management Team

Awards for Excellence Program – Planning Institute Australia (PIA)

Perth won three PIA Planning Excellence awards in November. According to Lisa Scaffidi, the city’s lord mayor, the awards are a result of high standards and expectations from the Council, along with the proficiency of the planning committee in creating projects which enhance Perth’s ability to attract tourism.

The first award was for the redevelopment of Forrest Place. The judge’s citation said that Perth “transformed a…run down thoroughfare into a vibrant timeless urban space.”

The second award was the 3D City Model. It was described by the judge as “a highly interactive application” that will allow cities to more easily compare proposals with present structures.

The third was the 3D City Model PIA President’s Excellence Award. This was described in part by the President as “a high quality urban design data source” that was a major advance in urban planning.

Perth Tourism Awards

Perth also received three tourism awards.

For the first award, Perth got the gold for Destination Marketing, won by a campaign called “Perth City Get to Know Me,” which introduced changes and new attractions to the public.

The second was for Excellence in Food Tourism, won by food and wine event “Eat Drink Perth,” wherein the city got the silver award. The event is the largest in the state and featured over 140 individual activities, offers and events from over 90 contributors including bars, restaurants, tour companies and food retailers.

The third award was for category 4 (Festivals and Events) for the Australia Day Skyworks in Perth, which is the largest event during Australia Day and has been celebrated for 29 years now. The city was again awarded the silver medal.

Take a Bow, Perth

We would like to congratulate everyone involved for continuing to make Perth a vibrant city. To learn our favourite strategies for investment property in Perth, call 1300 472 427.

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