Perth Winter Sprinkler Ban: Is Your Retic Off?

In important news for  Perth property managers, tenants,  and homeowners, the permanent winter sprinkler ban resumes on 1st June. The ban is in effect for Perth, Mandurah, and a lot of the South-West. The rest of WA will continue with daytime sprinkler bans and watering rosters.

According to Bill Marmion, Environment Minister, the ban has become a “permanent water efficiency initiative,” and has been successful in saving what he called “billions of litres of water” during the previous four years, including 3.7 billion litres last year.

The initiative is said to have also reduced the use of unlicensed garden bores by as much as 25%. According to Bureau of Meteorology predictions, this winter will be even drier than usual.

The main exceptions to the rule will be sport fields, such as local government ovals and those located in schools, due to the benefits that sporting fields provide to their local communities. Also, hand watering will be allowed, and those who are trying to establish a new garden or lawn are invited to apply for an exemption.

It is important for all owners and tenants of residential or investment properties in Perth to turn off their sprinklers by 1st June. Those who don’t are risking a $100 fine. Owners of investment properties often forget to turn off their retics, and don’t find out until they are notified of their fines.

While many see this as an unnecessary measure, it is important that we conserve water. The bright spot is that it saves money on the water bill, and also helps the environment.

Part of the reason for the ban is that the dry winters and continued watering of lawns, trying to keep them green, resulted in a depletion of the same underground water sources from which Perth gets its drinking water. The bottom line here is that the extra water will go toward keeping the water storage level high enough that we have enough water for things that are truly necessary.

If you own a home or residential property through Investors Edge, and are unsure of how to turn off your reticulation, please contact your property manager. You may also call Investors Edge at 1300 472 427.

Perth Winter Sprinkler Ban: Is Your Retic Off?

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