How to Present Your Rental Property to Attract Great Tenants

At the moment, there is a lot of choice for tenants when deciding which investment property to rent in Perth. In a competitive environment, you need every “Edge” you can get to maximise your rental return and avoid vacancy. So your rental property simply must be well presented, otherwise even if you can find a tenant, you are not likely to attract a quality one.

How to Present Your Rental Property

It Starts with Paint

Think you can just slap on a bunch of cheap paint and attract quality tenants? Guess again. The first rule of thumb is to use a high-quality, durable paint in neutral colours. Neutral colours are always recommended because they go with anything the tenant brings into the house. We recommend acrylic low sheen paint for walls and semi-gloss for kitchens and bathrooms. A sheen or satin finish is durable and easy to clean.

I know we may all think of ourselves as professional painters but if you can’t do the job properly or if it is going to take you a month to do it, you are far better off hiring a professional.

Floor Your Prospective Tenants

Make sure you install hard floors in high traffic areas, these should be high quality tiles, wood or laminate. Carpeted areas should be in a darker tone so that they don’t show dirt. People expect bedrooms to be carpeted. Similar to paint colours, choose a darker tone that is going to compliment most tenants furniture, chocolate and mocha tones are most popular.

Easy Care!

Everyone has far less time in their busy schedules to maintain and care for gardens and lawns. We have naturally found that properties requiring a green thumb take much longer to rent and there is still the risk that the tenant won’t take care of them as well as you would. So please make it easier on tenants and set lawns up with reticulated, gardens with hardy established plants.If you have a small villa or unit, don’t put grass in the courtyard. The cost of fake grass is coming down and is worth considering, however most smart investors opt for a weed mat covered with gravel or wood chips.

Hire a Professional

If you have a great property management firm, they can advise you on how to present your property to attract quality tenants. They will also have a long list of trusted tradespeople they can refer you to.

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