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Below are all the things we love about the lovely suburb:

Fast Facts about Lesmurdie
  • Postcode is 6076
  • Local Council is Shire of Kalamunda
  • Investors Are Renovating, Buy & Hold
Lesmurdie is an inviting residential suburb set within the Shire of Kalamunda and is viewed as rival suburb of Kalamunda. It is home to several amenities including hostels where visitors can relax and enjoy its beauty. The suburb is also host to a number of parks and reserves including the lush Lesmurdie National Park which opens to stunning views of the Swan Coastal Plain. Shopping centers, service stations and primary and secondary schools are established within its boundaries. It is an ideal place to stay for families with growing children, professionals and retirees.
Lesmurdie is a beautiful suburb set 13 miles from the central business district of Perth. Its main access is along Welshpool Road which runs along the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Scarp. Canning Road that runs along Bickley, Carmel, Walliston and Kalamunda also provides direct access to the suburb.
Lesmurdie boasts several amenities including 2 main shopping centers, small retail outlets and 2 service stations. It has 3 high schools, 2 privately-operated which are St. Bridgid’s College and Mazenod College and one owned by the government, Lesmurdie Senior High School. Primary schools in the suburb include the Falls Road Primary School and Lesmurdie Primary School. Additional amenities include a senior care facility, operated by Baptistcare. Visitors can also enjoy comfy hostels and rentals that offer several recreational amenities and homey accommodations.
There are many places of interest that provide recreation in Lesmurdie. There is the Falls Farm and more than 10 parkland and reserves complete with beautiful picnic areas, walking and bike paths and playgrounds for kids. It is also home to several campsite and retreat houses that provide corporate teambuilding activities like the Anapana Ridge, which is home to swimming pool and a full-service spa. The Lesmurdie Falls National Park offers perfect surroundings for those who want to enjoy grand views and the beauty of nature.
There are buses which provide several routes that pass by Lesmurdie. Residents can make use of the bus station at Kalamunda which provide multiple routes to Perth and Fremantle.
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Jewayne Loong
Business Development Manager
0416 141 064
Meet the 2013 REIWA Property Manager of the year Jewayne Loong who is changing the face of property management forever!2013 Residential Property Manager of the year- Jewayne LoongA graduate from Curtin with a double major degree in property & accounting, Jewayne has quickly translated theory into a depth of experience.Jewayne is a great communicator with a genuine understanding of the landlords’ position while still remaining empathetic to the needs of tenants. Not only does Jewayne hold all the attributes of a tech savvy generation Y, but he has a keen interest in property investing, he says “By understanding and loving property investment it makes me so much better at my job”. Jewayne also shares his insights in his monthly blog, solving the problems tenants and landlords have with plenty of great tips and advice.Jewayne has taken great initiative with a long list of business improvements to improve our service delivery. Plus he has got the whole Investors Edge team involved in cooking for the sick kids and their families at Ronald McDonald house. He is looking forward to improving your property returns!
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