How to make THOUSANDS EXTRA by putting MORE AGENTS to work on selling your Perth property

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Hi there, Jarrad Mahon from Investors Edge Real Estate, welcome to the next one of our video series on How to make tens of Thousands Extra when next selling your Perth property. I’m joined here with Logan Duncan Smith, one of my savvy sales agent’s and today our topic for this video is how do you put local agent’s to work on getting you a better price for your property.

Now, in Perth what is typical is for one agent to have exclusive listing over a property and it is best to go that way so that we’ve got one agent driving and looking after the seller’s best interest. One thing that’s pretty unique to us is imagine someone reaching out, your agent reaching out and connecting with the 3 or 4 best agents in your area and getting them to help and go to work on selling your house.

How does that happen?

Logan: Well, firstly, we reach out to them obviously and give them a call, text and email, let them know that we do have a property listing in the area and just say to them that we are happy to split the commission if you bring along the right buyer, do like an exclusive viewing to let those buyers through. And it’s pretty effective in the past because we get the top three obviously and let them have the first crack before the open market. And the main thing is…..

Jarrad: So, why wouldn’t they do that between each other, like most of them?

Logan:  There has been rivalry between local agents, if they’re the top three and they tend to be competing against each other, one agent wins one, the other agent wins another and it’s quite competitive. And they don’t perceive us as competition

Jarrad: Yeah, we just get in there [the suburb], get the result and get out.

Logan: That’s it, getting us in and out really.

Jarrad: If they could help one of their buyer’s with purchasing a property.

Logan: Yeah, certainly, if they don’t have something that suits that buyer and we are friendly with them they are more willing to say hey go and chat to these guys.

Jarrad: We are often more generous with our commission split to them as well.

Logan: Yeah, definitely and we are focussed on getting the best outcome for the client and if it means splitting commission and getting paid less and especially in today’s market where there are few buyers so we’d rather work together to get that result

Jarrad: Rather than that rivalry, together we accomplish more.

Thanks guys!

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