Reconnect with Nature at Canning River Regional Park

Cannington residents have one of Perth’s hidden gems practically in their backyards—Canning River Regional Park. Driving down the busy Albany Highway, one wouldn’t know that a haven of landscaped gardens and pristine wetlands lurks just a few streets away, hiding amongst the urban sprawl.

Canning River Regional Park is the largest park on Canning River. It has many small parks contained within its boundaries and is easily accessible from many different locations in the Canning area. The Park features numerous local walking and cycling trails passing through unspoiled natural beauty that belies its proximity to the CBD of a capital city.

Property Investment in Cannington

For those who like to know the historical significance of the park, information boards are provided in various locations. The boards also give visitors information on local plants, birds and animals they can expect to see along the way.

The most popular of the local parks is Wilson Park, also known as the Kent Street Weir Park. As one would guess, the park features the Kent Street Weir, built in 1928. The Kent Street Weir has a narrow bridge on top, allowing walkers and cyclists to cross the river in one of its most scenic and historic areas.

What It Means to Property Investors

If you are looking for investment property in the Perth area, Cannington is a very good place to start. We like suburbs that aren’t typical and have something unique going for them because those suburbs usually show better long-term capital growth than ordinary suburbs.

Cannington is only 13 km from Perth, but provides an opportunity for a relaxed lifestyle due to amenities such as Canning River Regional Park, while amenities such as Westfield Carousel, Cannington Raceway and the Cannington Exhibition Centre ensure a strong local economy.

Cannington is a unique suburb with a busy rental market. 49.2% of the population rents, while 24.94% own with a mortgage and 21.78% own their property outright. Meanwhile, only 14.56% live in apartments, units or flats.

We think this built-in demand for single-family rentals makes Canning a great place to purchase single-family homes as investment properties.

We will be happy to provide buyer’s agents or property management for your investment properties in Canning or any Perth suburb. Call 1300 472 427 to learn more.

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