Do you want the Typical Sales Agent or a SAVVY Property Marketer?

“Now is the best time to sell!”… Or is it?

typical agent
“Now is the best time to sell” – Typical Agent

Let’s face it, if you ask most real estate agents for advice on selling your property their answer will usually be “now is the best time, let’s put it on the market”. Don’t expect any advice on how to present your property, or if now is the right time to sell. Their focus is just on getting a quick sale. After all they only sell properties in 1-2 suburbs, so after you move they won’t be able to help you with selling again.

Impressing your socks off

Our aim is to help you grow with a plan that is right for you, because we operate all across Perth we are not interested in a one off sale. We are focused on impressing the socks off you and giving you peace of mind at every step along the way and then hopefully you will use us again next time! Most of our business comes from referral and past clients so we must be doing something right! 😉

You need the truth on price

Other agents will promise you an amazing price and you will start planning how to spend the extra money- “A European holiday? Or that new car you wanted?”. It’s all blue skies before they have got you to sign a contract that locks you into selling with them for 3 months. They’ve got you and it’s now time to grind you down on price.

You may not like what we sometimes have to say!

Expect us to speak our truth on price and the best improvements to make to your home. I warn you that you may not always like the feedback but it’s a hell of a lot better to hear it now rather than when you have wasted your money and time cleaning the house for home opens every week over the last 3 months, only to have your property go stale, losing what chance you did have for a premium price. Plus we won’t lock you into a contract, you can cancel any time!

Most other agents will tell you, “I have buyers interested and waiting to buy your house”. Don’t fall for that one!

In this age of the Internet, buyers are plugged in 24 hours a day. So having great online marketing is far more important to attract every buyer in the market place to compete for your property.

Savvy Property Marketing that works

We pride ourselves on being very savvy with our property marketing, using the very best professional photography and well written copy, combined with the smart investing in online marketing that works. We won’t be using your money to build a profile for us in the area. We don’t care about profile, we care about attracting the most buyers and getting you the best price.

Don’t expect to hear from them…ever

Finally the typical sales agent is shocking at communication, don’t expect to get any buyer feedback or to hear from them in weeks. Until of course they work up the courage to ask you to reduce your price.

We guarantee you proactive communication and will return all calls and emails in the same day or pay you $100. You will always know what is going on and have the buyer feedback to make decisions.

So for a sales agent that takes a savvy approach, helping you grow with guaranteed peace of mind… Speak to us about your property plans!


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