School Holidays Full of Fun in East Cannington

At Investors Edge, our buyers agents and property management team are always trying to find information about Perth and it suburbs that is either important, interesting or both. Often, as in the case of this piece on East Cannington, we like to discuss some of the amenities and the lifestyles of various areas.

Property Management Team on East Cannington


If there is any one characteristic that makes East Cannington “tick,” it’s the family-friendly environment. As of the 2011 ABS Census, East Cannington had 1,163 families and an average of 1.8 children for every family out of 4,300 people, with a median age of 31.

There were 1,678 private dwellings, meaning that slightly more than 2 out of every 3 dwellings had a family with 2 children in it. Average weekly household revenue was $1,458, while the mean monthly mortgage repayments were $2,000, Median weekly rent was $340 and there were an average of 1.9 automobiles per home.

In other words, the median household in East Cannington is a family with 2 kids and 2 cars. We have found that suburbs with this demographic are some of the best for investment properties in the Perth area. Families make great tenants and tend to prefer long-term tenancy, especially if they are close to a school that they like.

Vacation Care Holiday Program

East Cannington is served by the Cannington Leisureplex and there are many programs for children. For example, the fortnight program for October includes a fun day at Burswood Park, a disco party, an outing to the Royal Show, the Make Your Mark Cafe, swimming, a kids restaurant, SciTech science exhibit, an athletics and sport day and the Armadale Reptile Park—and this is just the first week!

The second week includes visits from “local heroes” from the fire brigade and the police, two “children’s choice” days, Bayswater Waves, Beach House Play Centre, lunch at the Hogs Breath Cafe, a Halloween Party and a final day of games, movies, and popcorn.

Other Activities

The Leisureplex also provides sports for toddlers and a full array of sports for those between 5 and 12 years of age. Teenage and adult activities are also available.

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