Send the Kids Karting for Christmas in Cloverdale

As long as you don’t actually do it on Christmas Day and your kids are over the age of 10, sending the kids karting for Christmas at Kart World is a great idea. While it is called Kart World Belmont, Kart World is actually adjacent to Cloverdale, which is the closest residential area to Kart World.

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Why We Like Kart World

Kart World is another amenity that provides entertainment for families. Children over 10 through adults can go karting together and many families like to do just that.

Also, Kart World is a hotspot for kids’ birthday parties, offering two birthday party packages. The first is called the Kids Sprint. It includes a driver briefing, five laps of warm up driving and a fifteen lap race. This costs $290 for up to eight drivers and $500 for up to sixteen drivers.

The other option is the Kids Grand Prix Driver Briefing. It includes five laps of warm up, a fifteen lap heat and a twenty lap final. It costs $460 for up to eight drivers and $860 for up to sixteen drivers. Kart World has four food combo options for birthday parties from $5 per person to $6.50 per person.

For adults, Kart World has corporate parties for up to 64 drivers, starting at $560 for up to eight drivers in the Suzuka Sprint to the Monza, which costs $1,680 for up to 35 drivers with $48 for each additional driver.

Kart World also has leagues for people of all ages and a great offer called Arrive and Drive, which is open racing for whoever shows up at any given time.

Why We Like Cloverdale

With a small number of exceptions, our buyers agents and property management professionals like Perth suburbs like Cloverdale because they have access to great amenities, the airport and have excellent prospects for capital growth. Cloverdale fits this description perfectly.

Cloverdale property has risen from a median of $200,000 in 2003 to its current $495,000. Rents are currently $450 per week. Cloverdale is currently classified as a high demand market by industry analysts and is a haven for families and home to a number of parks, community facilities and schools.

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