4 Key Steps to Subdivide Your Perth Property

One of the best strategies for turning a profit on investment property in Perth is by purchasing a property that can be divided into two or more allotments. Every time property investors or developers can create one or more new allotments, they are increasing the value of their property. However to make money you need to ensure there is a

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Property Managers gives Tips on Moving with Children

Moving House With Children

If there’s one thing property managers hear often from tenants in the more family-friendly Perth suburbs, it’s horror stories about trying to move a house with children. Moving is a major source of stress for adults, but sometimes we forget that it is just as stressful on the children. Goodbyes are Tough for Children Often, your children will have to

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What is A Settlement Agent by Property Management Perth

What Does a Settlement Agent Do and Can I Do My Own Settlement?

Real estate agents, whether buyer’s agents or seller’s agents, are responsible for seeing a lot of the small details that make your investment property transactions go smoothly. However, we aren’t the only people you need to ensure that you navigate the Perth real estate market and get where you want to go. A settlement agent, or conveyancer, is an important

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How Investors Leverage Building Inspections

How Investors Leverage Building Inspections to Lower Purchase Price

At Investors Edge, our buyer’s agents know how important the building inspection is to the buying process. They also know how to use a building inspection to gain an extra discount when purchasing a property. Protection A building and pest inspection conducted by a competent inspector is a must. It only costs around $700 to $800 and finds potential problems

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Heritage Property Investment

Why Heritage Homes Can be a Risky Investment

A heritage home can appear to be a wonderful investment. Heritage properties are rare and can provide good long-term growth. When renovated, heritage homes can sometimes help an investor make a lot of money in a short period of time. So, why do we consider them to be “risky?” The very thing that makes them desirable, their heritage status, also

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Perth Wins Major Awards by Property Management Team

Perth Wins Major Awards for Planning, Events and Tourism in 2013

While investment property in Perth suburbs is more popular than investment property in Perth CBD, the Perth CBD is still a great place to invest if you have a long term focus. While our buyer’s agents and property management team are among the first to recognise buying patterns in most of its suburbs, we also want to remind people that

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Avoid Emotional Buying in Investment Property

Why Investors Should Avoid Emotional Buying at All Costs

Here I take a look at how to avoid paying too much by leaving your emotions out of it!

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Investment Property in Perth - Rental Property

The Urban Renter Trend and Your Investment Property in Perth

Here are some quick, space-efficient amenities that will help you maximise your property appeal to get better rental returns on inner area Perth investment properties.

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Property Investment Basics in Perth Market

Property Investment Basics for the Perth Market

The market for investment property in Perth has become much more active as of late due to the lowering interest rates improving the returns available from investment properties. While this has been great for Perth and other parts of Australia, it has also resulted in a lot of small investors who don’t have any idea of what they are doing

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Unnecessary Home Improvements for your Property Investment

6 Unnecessary “Improvements” that can Devalue Your Investment Property

One tried and true technique for increasing the sale value of an investment property in Perth is to make cosmetic improvements that enhance the aesthetics of the property. When multiple bidders are involved, this can drive the price upward and result in a nice return for the investor. However, many “improvements” and renovations can actually decrease the value of your

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Importance of Purchase Plan for Property Investors

The Importance of a Purchase Plan for Property Investors

One mistake can cost an investor thousands of dollars over the term of a 30-year home loan. There is an old adage that still rings true: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Read my tips on how to formulate a property plan for success

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Lazy Equity of your Investment Property in Perth

Can Lazy Equity Help You Purchase an Investment Property in Perth with No Cash?

Whether it would be your first investment property in Perth or another piece in a fine portfolio, you may be able to use lazy equity to finance the purchase. But what is lazy equity? Well, it is equity that increases due to a rise in property value. With our buyer’s agents reporting a lively Perth property market, it is almost

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