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10 Reasons Not to Manage Your Own Property

Most Perth property managers in  have heard many “horror stories” from people who have tried to manage their own property. Here is a list of ten pitfalls of managing your own property. 1. Emotional attachment to the property It is natural to have an emotional attachment to your property, especially if you have lived in the house. You can trust

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Money Making Tips & Tricks for Subdividing Perth Property

Here are some tips and tricks to make more money when subdividing a property.

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New Australian Dream - Property Management Perth

The New Australian Dream

The new Australian Dream includes investment property for many Perth residents. Some of you may remember when the Great Australian Dream was a nice house on a large land block with a family, a BBQ and a car in the garage. However, the recent Housing Affordability Sentiment Index (HASI) tells us that the new Great Australian Dream is much more

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From First Home Buyer to First Time Investor

From First Home Buyer to First Time Investor: What You Need to Know

Changes in the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) and rising prices have made it more difficult for many first home buyers to find financing. The grant is only $3,000 toward an established home, while the $10,000 grant for a new home can be a complicated process. Banks have become a lot more scrutinising of loan applications, so it can be

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Is Your Property Still Vacant? Here’s Why!

The one thing you can’t afford as a property investor.

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Property Management in Karrinyup

Karrinyup: Home of Perth’s Premier Club

Our property management team usually likes to talk about affordable, family-friendly suburbs when we recommend places to purchase investment properties. But sometimes, we get investors who want to move a step up into more prestigious properties and suburbs in the Perth area. Karrinyup is definitely one of those suburbs. The Demographics Karrinyup is a Perth suburb located 11.5 km northwest

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Bibra Lake Reserve

Bibra Lake Reserve: the Perfect Spot for Your Family

Our property management team has found another great family-friendly Perth suburb: Bibra Lake. Bibra Lake is located roughly 16 km south of the Perth CBD. It is a suburb within a suburb, surrounded by the City of Cockburn.   The Demographics Bibra Lake has a population of 5,954 according to the 2011 Census, with 51.7% females and 48.3% males. Like

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Drive-in Theatre in Perth

Do You Like Drive-in Movies? Kingsley has the Last Drive-in Theatre in Perth

In the 1970’s, the epitome of family-friendly activity was going to the drive-in theatre. In 1973, the last drive-in theatre in the Perth area was built: The Galaxy. Now, it is the last one remaining open, outliving its peers and predecessors by over twenty years at this point. The allure of drive-in movies is the same as it was when

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Investment Property in Perth: Leeming

Leeming: On the Doorstep to Three Diverse Cities

Our property management team would like to tell you about another Perth suburb that we really like: Leeming. Leeming has the distinction of being under the councils of three different cities: Canning, Cockburn and Melville. It also fits our criteria of being near plenty of amenities, providing a family-friendly lifestyle and being poised for consistent capital growth. The Demographics Leeming

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Purchase a Property with Property Managers Perth

Should You Purchase a Property with Existing Tenants?

When buying an investment property from another investor, the chances are high that the property will have current tenants. We are often asked if it is wise to purchase properties that already have tenants. For us, you need to investigate further before knowing if you are buying a headache. There are some negatives to existing tenants being in a property,

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Best Time to Sell Your Investment Property

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Investment Property?

We are often asked “When is the best time to sell investment property?” There is no answer that works in every situation here. What we can tell you is that Perth is a very nice market for investing and that every situation is different. However, we would still like to present three situations in which it is wise to sell.

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Property Investors Between the Ages of 18 and 25

Tips for Property Investors Between the Ages of 18 and 25

Lately, we have noticed a trend regarding investment property in the Perth market. We are seeing people under the age of 25 who are already asking us how they can get involved in securing their financial futures. Some of them have been as young as 18 years of age. We are always excited for anyone who decides to start early,

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