Profit! From Perth Property- An Evening with Jarrad Mahon – Thurs 9th Feb

Join Perth Property Investment Expert Jarrad Mahon as he covers his investment strategies that are making money for clients in today’s market- Expect money making tips, tricks and great information!

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Property Managers gives Tips on Moving with Children

Moving House With Children

If there’s one thing property managers hear often from tenants in the more family-friendly Perth suburbs, it’s horror stories about trying to move a house with children. Moving is a major source of stress for adults, but sometimes we forget that it is just as stressful on the children. Goodbyes are Tough for Children Often, your children will have to

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How to Make a Smart Buy on Discounted Investment Property

Here are some basic tips that you should keep in mind when thinking about purchasing discounted investment property.

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October Perth Property Market Update- More Choice

Tune in for my latest insights into Perth’s sale & rental market, plus the investment opportunities to check out.

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Hottest Suburbs for Investment Property

The Hottest Suburbs for Investment Property

We like to keep tabs on every statistic we can find concerning investment property in Perth. Consequently, we end up reading a lot of reports, surveys and studies from a lot of different sources. We combine this with our own research and our experience in the property market to produce a very good market analysis. Sometimes, though, we like to

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Property Management Perth

New Landlord? Don’t Make These 8 Fatal Mistakes!

How property management can make or break your career as a property investor in the Perth market. If you are a new landlord, there are eight mistakes that will derail your career as a property investor. Let’s take a look at them. Not Treating it Like a Business If you don’t treat investing seriously, expect to make mistakes and lose

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When to Sell Investment Property

Moving Up: Knowing When It is Time to Sell

There are numerous reasons to sell an investment property. it can be time to “cash in” your portfolio and retire. The property may be underperforming. Or there may be other factors. If you live in your Perth home and want to “move up,” there are some compelling arguments for knowing when to make your move. Here are some tips.

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Negotiating a Better Price on Investment Property in Perth

Negotiating a Better Price on Investment Property in Perth

Whether you call it “buying low” or “turning a profit on the front end,” the concept is still the same. As an investor, it is mandatory that you purchase each property for as low a price as you can negotiate. If a property is already a bargain and the seller won’t budge, you may want to purchase it anyway, but

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Ways to Better Negotiate Your Way to Investment Success

5 Ways to Better Negotiate Your Next Property Purchase

A big part of investing is knowing how to negotiate on both ends. While plenty of savvy investors make very good profits and grow their portfolios well just from intrinsic value, it always helps if you can buy a little lower or sell a little higher. Here are five tips to help you negotiate better. He Who Talks First Loses

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What is A Settlement Agent by Property Management Perth

What Does a Settlement Agent Do and Can I Do My Own Settlement?

Real estate agents, whether buyer’s agents or seller’s agents, are responsible for seeing a lot of the small details that make your investment property transactions go smoothly. However, we aren’t the only people you need to ensure that you navigate the Perth real estate market and get where you want to go. A settlement agent, or conveyancer, is an important

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Selling Your Property Investment with Video Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Online Video Marketing to Sell Your Home

When selling an investment property or residential home, it is important to market your home properly. Even in a “hot” market like Perth, it is better to be aggressive in marketing than it is to simply put it up for sale and expect it to be found in the listings. Lately, many Australians have turned to a new way of

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Investment Property Electrical Issues

Don’t Let Electrical Issues Short-Circuit Your Investment Portfolio by Putting Your Tenants at Risk

Electrical issues can be deadly for your tenants and your investment portfolio. Substandard or outdated wiring, especially in older buildings, can put your tenants and your financial future at risk. As a landlord, you are at risk of being held financially responsible for any damages. While insurance can mitigate your risk, the best strategy is to eliminate this kind of

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