December Perth Property Update – Opportunities In Every Market!

This market is presenting us all with some unique opportunities that can be right under our noses when we are not looking for them. Read on to discover how you could take advantage of this property market.

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Buying Tips… Property OR Superannuation?… Why Choose?

In this video Jarrad Mahon, Director and Property Specialist from Investors Edge Real Estate interviews Justin McMillan, licensed financial planner from RI Advice about the use of Superannuation as a vehicle to invest in property.

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October Perth Property Update… Does it get any better for Buyers?

Does it get any better for buyers?

Only time will answer that question but it certainly is a great time to be shopping for a new home or investment property!

Since our last September update, with the coming of Spring we have seen property listings in WA increasing every day from the then 19,573 to the now 20,966 (Source: RP Data).

We would normally expect extra supply of properties during Spring… it’s traditionally one of the best time for owners to sell their home… the only problem is that the warm weather has not brought the buyers out in equivalent numbers

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Landlord Tips…How to have maximum insurance cover without affecting your cash flow!

Jarrad Mahon, the Director and Property Specialist at Investors Edge interviews Justin McMillan from RI Advice on about the ways property investors can have maximum insurance cover with out affecting their cash flow.
Bonus Offer valued at $500!

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How to Keep Your Emotions Out Of Buying Your Next Investment Property

In the latest Buying Tips video Jarrad Mahon, Director and Property Specialist at Investors Edge Real Estate discusses his practical steps to taking emotion out of your investment property buying decision.

A must watch for any property investor!!

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Buying & Tenant Tips… How to get a Real Estate Agent to drop everything & get back to your enquiry

In this video tutorial Jarrad Mahon from Investors Edge Real Estate explains the practical approach he uses himself to get Real Estate Agents to drop everything and get back to your enquiry.

This will help anyone who is a tenant or a buyer when searching for their next property

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September Perth Property Update… Can Somebody Please Give Me An Outcome?

Its hardly any wonder that confidence is down in the property market after the run we have had over the last 4 months. First of all there was Kevin Rudd’s bright idea to play with the mining tax….

So what are my crystal ball predictions for the next month and quarter?…..

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Buying Tips… How to super charge your property search with

In this video tutorial Jarrad Mahon from Investors Edge Real Estate shows you how to use to super charge your property search. Including….

* How to refine your search criteria and easily compare properties.
* How to put together a property shopping list.
* How to do a map based search.
* How to register email alerts so you are the first to know about new listings.
* How to use the sold section to get a feeling for property values and ammunition to present offers.

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