Money Making Tips for Building New Perth Investment Property

In this video I go into my money making tips on building new Perth investment property including dual key, auxiliary dwellings and my top suburbs to buy new!

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Make money BEFORE YOU BUY a Perth investment property!

This post has the potential to make you thousands of dollars on your next Perth Property Investment… All before you buy!

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What are the Most Lucrative Areas for Investment Property

When you look to invest in real estate, there are many different factors involved in whether or not a certain property will yield a high return on that investment. There are also different types of investing, including flipping for a profit or renting a property out. Regardless of your plans with the property, finding real estate in a lucrative area

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Property Investors

Profitable Property Investing in Six Steps

Property investment in Perth is a great vehicle for wealth-building, but it can be even better if you follow these six steps. Your property must attract good tenants Good tenants are the backbone of any long-term investment strategy. To get them, you want a clean property with ample bedrooms, plenty of off-street parking, and in a “good” neighbourhood. Usually, this

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How to REVERSE price a Development Site on the back of an envelope

Don’t let the fancy name above throw you… Here I discuss exactly how to work out how much to offer when buying a development property, so you know with greater certainty that you will make a profit.

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