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10 Reasons Not to Manage Your Own Property

Most Perth property managers in  have heard many “horror stories” from people who have tried to manage their own property. Here is a list of ten pitfalls of managing your own property. 1. Emotional attachment to the property It is natural to have an emotional attachment to your property, especially if you have lived in the house. You can trust

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Tips to Get Your Home or Investment Property Ready for Sale

How to prepare your home or investment property to maximise returns when it goes up for sale. So, it’s time to cash in your property, put it up for sale and retire. Or maybe you just want to move out of your home and into a nicer one. Either way, you always want to “buy low and sell high.” Here

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How to Choose Your Perth Property Manager

How to Choose Your Property Manager

The best questions to ask when looking for a property manager.

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Saving Water Tips by Property Managers Perth

Water Saving Tips

Summer is gone, but it’s always good to save water. Here are some tips to keep your water payments on your investment properties down. Remember: even though WA has watering restrictions, you can’t depend on them to keep tenants from using too much water. Professional Property Management and Maintenance The most important factor for a property investor is to make

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Choosing the House Size with Property Managers Perth

Every Investor’s Guide to Choosing the Right House Size

At Investors Edge, our buyer’s agents and property managers work with investment properties in Perth. One of the fundamentals of success as a property investor is to identify your ideal renter and then give them what they want. Here is a guide to help you decide what size home to buy once you have identified your ideal tenants. Your Ideal

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Selling Your Home with Property Managers in Perth

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

A must read if you are getting ready to sell your home.

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Moving in your Property During Holidays

Tips for Moving During the Festive Season

Spring is one of the most popular times of year to buy or sell a home. Unfortunately, for investment properties, time is money and you have to have your home ready for move-in ASAP. Here are a few tips for getting your new property ready for move-in during the holidays. Planning During the holidays, it is more difficult to get

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Property Managers in Perth in Maintaining a Garden

Is your Garden ready for Summer?

I would like to give you some tips to make sure that your gardens are well-maintained during spring and summer.

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Investment Property in Perth and Debt Strategy

Why it May be Time to Reassess Your Debt Strategy

Whether you have one investment property or many investment properties in Perth, experts warn that it could be time to reassess your current situation to ensure that your debt strategy doesn’t become inefficient when interest rates rise. Noel Yeates, who works as a wealth advisor for Macquarie Bank, warned investors that interest rates will rise within the next few years.

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Property Manager in Perth Discusses Breaking a Fixed-Term Lease

Why You Must Fill Out a Thorough Property Condition Report (PCR) to Protect Your Property

Whether you are a tenant, property manager or someone with investment property in Perth, you need to know about how best to handle a break lease situation so that you have smooth transition to a new tenant, with as little strain on everyone as possible.

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Buyers Agents in Perth Using ABS Statistics

What ABS Statistics Mean for Investment Property in Perth

At Investors Edge, we specialise in investment property in the Perth area. Our buyers agents and property managers know the Perth market as well as anyone does and our clients are the beneficiaries of their knowledge. There are two reasons for this. The first is market familiarity. When you specialise in a market and work in it for very long,

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House and Keys

Understanding the changes to the First Home Owners Grant

Read about the changes to the FHOG and Land Tax

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