Baldivis Library and Community Centre Moving Along Nicely

Perth property managers like to pay close attention to Baldivis. It has become a “hotspot” for investment property in Perth, and we see it becoming even more of a destination in the future. In the last twelve months, property in Baldivis has risen slowly, with the median price going from $430,000 in August of 2012 to $460,000 in July of

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Financial Future

To Your Financial Future

The housing market in Australia is finally emerging from the last vestiges of the global financial crisis. According to SQM Research, residential property listings decreased slightly in January. Across Australia, property listings have declined by approximately 3% since January of last year. When listings decrease, it is because buying has increased. SQM Managing Director of Research, Louis Christopher, cites a

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Property for Sale

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Investment Property?

One of the biggest issues facing property investors is deciding when to hold on to a property and when to sell. Here we explore the decision.

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Home Appraisal

Reasons to Schedule Regular Rental Appraisals

If you rent out investment property in Perth, you have probably noticed the volatility of the rental market. Last year, rent caught up with house payments, making it more financially advantageous to buy a house than rent it. Those who were able to come up with down payments have been buying houses. Since more renters chose to buy properties, it

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Rental Property

What Does Perth’s Softening Rental Market Mean to You?

The last few months, a softening rental market has begun to affect investment property in Perth and the surrounding area.

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Perth Property Managers

Considering Hiring a Property Manager? Hire One Who Is a Member of LPMA

If you have recently bought an investment property in Perth, you should consider hiring a property manager – one who will manage your property for you, eliminating the headaches that can come with trying to do everything yourself. And you should certainly consider a qualified property manager who is a member of LPMA, the Leading Property Managers of Australia. Why

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Winter Problems for Tenants

In winter, there are a different set of rules for protecting your house in Perth. Discover them now.

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Residential Security Requirements

Do You Know the New Security Requirements for Residential Properties?

As of 1 July, 2013, security requirements for your residential investment properties in Perth and across Australia have just become more stringent.

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House Preferences

More on What Men and Women Want in a House

Understand what men and women want in a home and you will never have troubles renting or selling it.

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Perth, Australia

Boom-and-Bust Theory for Australian Real Estate: Do Economists Agree?

We have been pounded lately with negative predictions about the economy and housing market by mainstream economists. But are those economists really right? Are prices going to rise and then fall by the end of 2014?

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Buying Investment Properties Perth

What Can Make or Break Your Mortgage

If you are buying investment properties in Perth, you have probably figured out that very small decisions and variances in numbers can add or subtract large amounts of money to your bottom line. Thanks to a spate of RBA rate cuts, interest rates are at an all-time low–and is still falling. Some economists have gone so far as to predict

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Women in Home Ownership

Exposed: Australian Women Overtake Men in Home Ownership

The numbers indicate that not only do women have more control over the buying process, but more women are buying houses than men, and more have paid off their mortgages earlier than men.

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