Property Managers gives Tips on Moving with Children

Moving House With Children

If there’s one thing property managers hear often from tenants in the more family-friendly Perth suburbs, it’s horror stories about trying to move a house with children. Moving is a major source of stress for adults, but sometimes we forget that it is just as stressful on the children. Goodbyes are Tough for Children Often, your children will have to

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Hire Professional Property Management

Why You Should Hire Professional Property Management

Professional property management can save you thousands of dollars and untold hours of hassle. Before I became a professional in the real estate and property management field, I was an engineer and a DIY property property manager. I made mistakes that cost me a lot of time, money and effort. My biggest lesson learned: if you want professional results, you

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Is Your Property Still Vacant? Here’s Why!

The one thing you can’t afford as a property investor.

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Property Renovation Trends by Property Managers in Perth

Investment Property Renovation Trends in Perth

We work with many different kinds of investment properties in Perth, and one of the best ways to increase a properties rental price and market value is with a renovation. Improving a property is nothing new, but has been popularised by cable TV shows as of late. The model is easy on a superficial level — buy a distressed property,

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Property Managers in Perth in Maintaining a Garden

Is your Garden ready for Summer?

I would like to give you some tips to make sure that your gardens are well-maintained during spring and summer.

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Investment Property in Perth - Rental Property

The Urban Renter Trend and Your Investment Property in Perth

Here are some quick, space-efficient amenities that will help you maximise your property appeal to get better rental returns on inner area Perth investment properties.

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Investment Property in Perth and Debt Strategy

Why it May be Time to Reassess Your Debt Strategy

Whether you have one investment property or many investment properties in Perth, experts warn that it could be time to reassess your current situation to ensure that your debt strategy doesn’t become inefficient when interest rates rise. Noel Yeates, who works as a wealth advisor for Macquarie Bank, warned investors that interest rates will rise within the next few years.

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Investment Properties in Perth with High Quality Tenants

How Investors Edge Fills Your Investment Properties with High-Quality Tenants

At Investors Edge, our Perth property managers and buyers agents only work with investment properties in the Perth area. This means that we know the Perth real estate market and are exceedingly qualified to handle all of your property management needs. It also means that we know how to get you better tenants for your property and that we know

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Property Manager in Perth Discusses Breaking a Fixed-Term Lease

Why You Must Fill Out a Thorough Property Condition Report (PCR) to Protect Your Property

Whether you are a tenant, property manager or someone with investment property in Perth, you need to know about how best to handle a break lease situation so that you have smooth transition to a new tenant, with as little strain on everyone as possible.

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Creating Demand for your Investment Property in Perth

Tips on Creating Demand for Your Property Sale in Perth

Whether it is your residence or an investment property, Investors Edge can help your Perth home command a higher market price by presenting it in the best way possible to the most qualified buyers possible. At Investors Edge, we create demand for your home and create situations where you have qualified buyers bidding against each other for your home. Here

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Good Tenants

How to Find Good Tenants

If you ask any Perth property manager what is the key to maximising an investment property, they will tell you that it is crucial to have good tenants. Good tenants can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line over the life of an investment property–especially in Perth. Here are some essential steps to finding good tenants. Photos: Lots of

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Budget, Budget, Budget

To be successful at investing, you need to take control of your finances, there is no other option. Get control and read more now.

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