Property Investment Firm Talks About Conveyancing

What You Need to Know About Conveyancing

Buying real estate, especially investment properties, requires a lot of paperwork and a lot of attention to detail. One form signed in the wrong order or not signed at all can expose all parties involved to unacceptable risk. We always recommend hiring a conveyancer to ensure that your Perth property is transferred from seller to buyer and that payment is

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Investment for Family Home

Wealth Begins at Home: Your Family Home

The most important asset that you can own as a foundation for future wealth is your family home. There are numerous benefits, but the most important is that you don’t have to pay capital gains tax on any rise in your property’s value. This makes your family home the most tax-effective, and probably the most effective vehicle for accumulating wealth.

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Property Investment Fears

Property Investment in Perth: What Fears are Holding You Back?

If you want to position yourself for years of wealth creation, you must start now. The first essential step is to understand your mindset and the fears that are holding you back.

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Projected Growth

Western Australia’s Growth Projected to Continue

We firmly believe that investment property in Perth is a good investment, and yet another report was recently released, showing that our belief is well-founded. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA recently released their quarterly economic outlook, and there is no end in sight to the growth that has helped WA pull out of the Global Financial Crisis much

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June Perth Property Update- Meeting the Market

Welcome to the June Perth Property Update where we bring you a mid-year review on the Perth rental and sale market with special input from our Denise Thompson – REIWA Property Manager of the year for 2010.

We also take a closer look at the psychology behind the choice of Meeting the Market when selling or renting a property and the factors that come into that decision.

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January Perth Property Update- The Affordability Factor!

Welcome to the first Perth Property Update for 2011, where we bring you the latest on what is happening in the property market as well as take a closer look at the white elephant in the room that everyone seems to be ignoring…. The Affordability Factor! We are also lucky enough to have insights from our own REIWA Property Manager

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December Perth Property Update – Opportunities In Every Market!

This market is presenting us all with some unique opportunities that can be right under our noses when we are not looking for them. Read on to discover how you could take advantage of this property market.

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Buying Tips… Property OR Superannuation?… Why Choose?

In this video Jarrad Mahon, Director and Property Specialist from Investors Edge Real Estate interviews Justin McMillan, licensed financial planner from RI Advice about the use of Superannuation as a vehicle to invest in property.

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October Perth Property Update… Does it get any better for Buyers?

Does it get any better for buyers?

Only time will answer that question but it certainly is a great time to be shopping for a new home or investment property!

Since our last September update, with the coming of Spring we have seen property listings in WA increasing every day from the then 19,573 to the now 20,966 (Source: RP Data).

We would normally expect extra supply of properties during Spring… it’s traditionally one of the best time for owners to sell their home… the only problem is that the warm weather has not brought the buyers out in equivalent numbers

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How to Keep Your Emotions Out Of Buying Your Next Investment Property

In the latest Buying Tips video Jarrad Mahon, Director and Property Specialist at Investors Edge Real Estate discusses his practical steps to taking emotion out of your investment property buying decision.

A must watch for any property investor!!

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Buying & Tenant Tips… How to ensure a Real Estate Agent gets back to you

In this video tutorial Jarrad Mahon from Investors Edge Real Estate explains the practical approach he uses himself to get Real Estate Agents to drop everything and get back to your enquiry.

This will help anyone who is a tenant or a buyer when searching for their next property

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