Tenant Tips: Being Inspection Ready!

As a Perth property manager I can say that my job is never boring and that no 2 days are ever the same.  A big part of my role is carrying out routine property inspections which can always be a very interesting part of the day!

You never know who you will be meeting, if they will be expecting you or how they may greet you. Below are just a few of my top tips for your next routine inspection to avoid any awkward encounters with your Property Manager.

  • Property InspectionAlways be prepared
  • Do not leave any “adult toys” lying around
  • Be fully clothed when opening the door
  • If sleeping wear more than just your jocks
  • Remember the house is not sound proof when someone is standing behind the front door
  • Try to be awake or get out of bed before starting up a conversation
  • Try not to be too intoxicated
  • Advise if you will be jumping into the shower or getting naked

But most of all just remember to have a clean house! 🙂


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