The One Home Design Factor that Has the Largest Effect on Values

In my five years of helping owners get the maximum price for their properties in Perth, the most dramatic increases I have seen in property value have been attained through renovation and presentation. No matter what is done to a property, there is one important factor that can have the largest effect of all on the value of your property: bedroom size.
Master Bedroom

Your Property’s Bedroom: Size Matters

For most buyers in any market, the bedroom size is extremely important. If your Perth property does not have large enough bedrooms, it simply isn’t going to sell for as much as a home with bigger bedrooms will.

At least two bedrooms need to be large enough to accommodate a queen size bed with furniture. This works out to having a width of at least 3.5m. While most master bedrooms are more than big enough, it’s the secondary bedrooms that often cause the problem.

More Potential Buyers = Higher Price

If the secondary bedroom or bedrooms are too small, your market is restricted to singles or couples who have no children and don’t plan to have any in the future. While there are plenty of buyers in this market–and it can be maximised–it is still better to have your home designed appropriately for more markets.

The more people competing for your home, the higher price it will get on the market. It makes sense to design your home and purchase an established property that will suit the most potential buyers possible.

Room to Grow

Many people want a home that provides them options. For example, a young couple may decide to have kids, or an older couple’s adult children would eventually need to move back home for a while. Either way, the home needs to be able to accommodate them.

Adult Renters

It is also important to have a second bedroom that is large enough to accommodate an independent adult renter to share the rent. This can be another deal-maker or deal-breaker. It is good for both the tenant and the landlord. The dual incomes provide more stability for both. It also makes rent increases easier for tenants to accept.

Help With Your Critical Property Decisions

If looking to buy or sell a property anywhere in Perth it pays to get our property advice before you make a decision not after. Call our office and speak to Jarrad on 9472 1606.


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