Tips on Building a Property Investment Portfolio

If you are looking to build an impressive portfolio of investment properties in Perth, remember that property investment starts with having a plan. Property investment has to be approached as a long term strategy with a long term plan and a professional team in place to help you execute. This is the only way to ensure success.

Too many investors try to “game” the market for short term gains. While this often works, it is more likely to end up causing problems and can sabotage a “career” in property investment before it starts. Another common mistake is only seeking help from professionals once you have gotten in trouble. While you may pay a little more, it is far better to get the input from experts up front, to prevent little issues becoming major costly headaches.

What We Do at Investors Edge

We help our clients formulate a “Property Investment Success Plan” that is designed to avoid costly mistakes and to maximise returns. Strategies can include adding value to properties or a more passive “buy and hold” strategy, but the magic of property investing is when you hold onto a property long enough for it to produce capital gains.

That is why we help you formulate a complete plan, including a time frame and an exit strategy. Then we help you execute that plan and remind you to stick to it. We can help you evolve your plan from year to year, but the emphasis is always on long term growth.

Your Professional Team

At Investors Edge, after we have helped you formulate your plan, we provide the real estate and property management services. There are some other services that will be essential to your success. You will need an accountant who can place your assets in a structure that protects them and minimises your tax burden.

It is also important to find a savvy finance broker who can help you find the capital at the best rates, while ensuring that your loan structure remains flexible and working best for you. It is important that your loans don’t restrict your growth and don’t give too much security to any one lender.

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