Tips for Maximising Your Open Inspection

If you are selling an investment property or home in Perth, you want it to be on the market for as short a time as possible and you want to sell it for as high a price as possible. Ideally, if the property is priced and marketed correctly you will have buyers bidding against each other to pay you more than your original asking price.

Selling your Investment Property - Open Inspection

Your greatest opportunity to “put your best foot forward” is your open inspection. If your open inspection is executed correctly on your end, it can result in one of the two scenarios described above. On the other hand, if you botch the open inspection, it can cost you thousands of dollars in time and money.

Here are some tips for making your open inspection a “hit.”

Clean and Neat

This is obvious, but you want your home to be spotless and uncluttered for open inspection. Not only do you need to clean your carpet, floors and walls, but you need to clean things like closets, ovens and cupboards.

You are going to have to do a “deep cleaning” and de-cluttering before you leave—do it before the open inspection.

Air and Light

You want fresh air and plenty of natural light to allow your home to shine in open inspection. Sunlight and fresh air always make a home more attractive.

No Pet Residue

You may love your pets, but potential buyers don’t. Pet residue such as odours, stains or fur are one of the most common complaints from those who decline to make a bid on a house. Remove all odours, fur and stains. Don’t leave pet toys or feeding bowls out. Make all litter boxes or yard droppings disappear during the inspection.

Replace Odours with Aromas

Make sure that all unpleasant odours are gone and provide enticing aromas in their place. Flowers, air fresheners and fresh-brewed coffee are great smells to have in your house. A bit of vanilla in the cupboards works well, too.

Talk to Investors Edge

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