Tips for Moving During the Festive Season

Spring is one of the most popular times of year to buy or sell a home. Unfortunately, for investment properties, time is money and you have to have your home ready for move-in ASAP. Here are a few tips for getting your new property ready for move-in during the holidays.

Moving in your Property During Holidays


During the holidays, it is more difficult to get work done, such as connecting utilities. Don’t call at the last minute and expect to get work done right away. Make a list of all of your utilities, such as power, water, gas and cable or Internet. Also, make sure any trades people are booked for maintenance well in advance.


If you plan to renovate your investment property or home, remember that many builders, contractors and tradies in the Perth area like to take vacations over the holidays. Many extend them to weeks—once again, book well in advance.


There are many things that can be done to your new home before it is ready for move-in. Even if they can’t actually do the work, they can quote, draw up renovation plans and make sure they have the right materials on hand to do the job. It’s always a great idea to make sure that all permits and approvals are out of the way early, too.

Clear Expectations

You want to make sure that all of your tradies have plenty of warning ahead of time and that you have agreed on a clear date of completion. Make sure both sides understand expectations.

The Basic To-Do List

Take a tip from Santa: make a list and check it twice (or more). Here is an example checklist:

  • Necessary repairs such as changing locks.
  • Cleaning: are any professionals such as carpet or steam cleaners needed?
  • Utilities: make sure arrangements are made to turn on new accounts.
  • Security basics: many new developments won’t include security doors or screens. Protect your property from insects—even those with only two legs.
  • Furnishings: carpets, furniture, appliances, blinds, or recreational items. Make sure they can be delivered on a day that is appropriate for you—some businesses close for the holidays.

If you need some suggestions for well priced, reliable trades people call 1300 472 427 to speak with our property managers.


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