Top Five Dining Experiences in Canning Vale

Free Sale Appraisal and check out the best of dining and entertainment for this blog. Sometimes, we uncover things we didn’t know about many areas. This time, we found some great information.

If you asked ten people what their favourite restaurant is, you will usually get ten different answers. For this piece, we decided to leave the judgements to the public. We went to, where diners voluntarily rate restaurants. While there are some that are obviously friends of the owners on almost every restaurant, urbanspoon is useful for getting an idea of what percentage of posters like a place.


We decided, for the sake of argument, that we would rate the restaurants by the percentage of positive feedback they had to negative feedback, regardless of price. In other words, which restaurants gave the best experience for the money. We didn’t count restaurants with almost no feedback. We guarantee that #1 will surprise you.

Five: Casa Del Amici, 87%

Casa Del Amici serves authentic Italian food. Their name means “house of friends,” and they strive to keep their service friendly. They are open for lunch on Thursday and Friday, and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. There are a lot of “votes,” and a lot of “favourite” ratings.

Four: Yen Yen Kitchen, 94%

Yen Yen Kitchen serves Chinese, Asian, and Malaysian food. According to feedback, it is a cut or two above the average.

Three: The Roastery, 94%

The Roastery is a breakfast and lunch restaurant. The consensus: great coffee, great rustic breakfast, overall high food quality. Some take exception to the “uncleared tables” policy.

Two: Monet’s Cafe, 95%

Monet’s Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and pizza, and are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Great coffee, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

One: Johnny’s Burger Joint, 97%

We told you it would surprise you. Johnny’s Burger Joint got the highest satisfaction rating from customers. They serve burgers, chicken, and American diner food. According to customer feedback, the service is great, the food tastes great, and the portions are huge.

That pretty much says it all.

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