Understand Your Property Market to Boost Your Sale Price


If you are looking to get a premium price when selling your Perth property, you need to be able to understand the local real estate market and what the buyers in the area want. Here are a couple of strategies you can employ to ensure you appeal to the target demographic and get the best possible price.

What Does the Location of Your Home Indicate?

Different locations attract different types of buyers. For example, a location in a busy, central city neighbourhood may be appealing to some, while unappealing to others. In order to get the best sale price for property, you should emphasise the features that will appeal to the type of buyer looking to buy in that area.

In our central city neighbourhood example, you are probably more likely to encounter a buyer who doesn’t own a car. In this situation, be sure to emphasise all of the amenities of the home and the nearby features – shopping centres, nightlife options, ease of access to transportation.

What Does the Rest of the Community Tell You about Potential Buyers?

You can learn a lot about the people who will be interested and will attend your open homes by figuring out who is already living in the neighbourhood. Is it mostly a neighbourhood occupied by families? Do you see a lot of couples without kids? Do you notice older couples wandering the parks or nursing homes nearby? What sort of businesses or public facilities such rank highest in terms or importance in the neighbourhood? Isolating the defining qualities of a community will help you understand which aspects of a home can be emphasised to get the best price possible.

If you are in need of some selling advice or information about who your buyers will be, call Investors Edge Real Estate – they will be able to identify your target market!


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