Why You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent for your Perth Investment Property

If you’ve been considering purchasing investment properties in Perth, you may want to consider a professional buyer’s agent to scope out the market for you. An Investors Edge Free Sale Appraisal will eliminate guesswork when buying property.

Such factors as buyer demand and property prices are important to consider; we have access to a wide range of properties and know the market well, currently managing properties in more than 100 Perth suburbs.

Buyer's Agent

Why Choose a Buyer’s Agent

Our full attention is given to locating, evaluating, negotiating and securing your investment property. Your buyer’s agent will always act on your behalf and in your best interest, unlike a selling agent, who’s contracted to achieve the highest price for the seller.

We are highly experienced negotiators and will get you the best price possible, and know when to turn away from a deal that will not benefit you. If you’re looking for a property that you can add value to, our expertise is critical to ensure the property meets the criteria in order to realise the potential while maximising return, appreciation and cash flow.

What Can a Buyer’s Agent Do for You

In addition to exhibiting market savvy, an Investors Edge buyer’s agent will also save you personal time. You won’t have to worry about research and house hunting, which use up your valuable time while working a job and taking care of a family. We can relieve you of the fuss and interruption to your lifestyle while getting the best possible deal available. Investment property buying agents conduct constant research regarding growth rates, zoning restrictions, rental rates, occupancy factors, and other variables that affect your decision to invest in a given property.

The Investors Edge Difference

Investors Edge will supply you with accurate rental appraisals and projected returns on a given property so there are no surprises post-purchase. We can also include conditions in your purchase offer that allow us to show prospective tenants the property. Obtaining quality tenants to occupy your investment property minimises vacancy costs, earning you more dollars more quickly. Investing in Perth property can be highly profitable, when you invest smarter!

Call 1300 472 427 to organise a time to discuss your criteria, strategy and how we can help you with finding the right property at the right price to suit your situation.

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