Walk, Bike, Boat: Canning’s Hidden Secrets

Another great area to consider if you are interested in investment property in the Perth area is Canning. Canning and it suburbs are nestled around the Canning and Swan rivers. Until the 1970’s, Canning consisted mostly of farms and dairies. By 1979, the Shire of Canning had become the City of Canning, and is now fully integrated into the Perth metropolitan area.

Although Canning is part of the metropolitan area, it still has the “feel” of an earlier time, when things weren’t as hectic as they are now. For many, Canning has it all. It is close enough to Perth that residents can enjoy everything Perth has to offer, but close enough to wide open road that it is easy to “get away” when you need to.

Family Biking

If you like walking, biking, or boating, Canning is a great place to live in. Let’s take a look at a few places to have fun in Canning.

Canning River Regional Park

There is a lot to do in Canning, but the Canning River Regional Park is by far the best place to do it all. The park is on the Canning River shoreline between Shelley Bridge and Nicholson Road, which covers about 6 km. This offers plenty of opportunities to either boat or canoe in the Canning River, and into the Swan River.

Canning River Regional Park also offers access by walk tracks or Dual Use Paths. The entire park is designed for nature lovers, and recreational areas are designated in a way that leaves the natural beauty of the park undisturbed. Bicycles are welcome, as are pedestrians and wheelchairs.

Kent Street Weir

The Kent Street Weir is within Canning River Regional Park, and it hosts the Canning River Eco Education Centre. Not only does the centre hosts workshops, classes, and community development events, but the Kent Street Weir Bridge is a major point of access for walking and biking.

And Many, Many Others…

Basically, the entire area is filled with opportunities to boat, walk, or bike. Bicyclists are encouraged to ride through the Canning area on many marked routes, and Canning is a beautiful place to just open the door and start walking.

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