What ABS Statistics Mean for Investment Property in Perth

At Investors Edge, we specialise in investment property in the Perth area. Our buyers agents and property managers know the Perth market as well as anyone does and our clients are the beneficiaries of their knowledge.

Buyers Agents in Perth Using ABS Statistics

There are two reasons for this. The first is market familiarity. When you specialise in a market and work in it for very long, you can learn a lot, especially if you work hard.

However, there is one resource that we often use that is available to anyone with a computer: the ABS statistics. The links are for the summaries: click the download tab if you want the entire report. Here are a few we like to keep tabs on.

House Price Index

The house price index is released quarterly and gives housing price statistics for the capital cities. They tell you of the percent of change from the last quarter and from the same quarter a year ago.

For the June quarter, which was released in August, Perth real estate prices rose 3.4% from the last quarter compared to 2.4% across Australia and they rose 11% from the same time last year compared to 5.1% across Australia.

The main takeaway here is that prices in Perth are rising and they are rising faster than the weighted average of the capital cities.

Housing Finance, Australia

This is an important statistic because it tells how many people are applying for home loans and it also gives the total value of those loans. Categories are owner occupied housing, investment housing, construction of dwellings, purchase of new dwellings and purchase of established dwellings.

In the July monthly report, the total amount of money borrowed rose 0.9% from June, with owner-occupied housing rising 1.0% and investment housing rising 0.8%. The number of owner-occupied housing commitments rose 1.6%, while the number of new dwellings purchases rose 1.4% and the number of established dwellings rose 1.8%.

If you are keeping an eye on investment property in Perth, you can tell from the July report that every statistic is rising, but slowly.

Demographic Statistics

This is population statistics, mostly from the census but with some projections. They give good insight as to what areas are growing and where there is population growth, you have demand on housing and upward pressure on prices if the supply of housing is limited.

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