Should you Hire a Property Manager?

Are you currently looking to appoint or hire a property management Perth company? Today we’re going to share with you the three questions that you need to ask any property manager before you choose to appoint or hire them.

The first one is how many properties do you look after and how many properties does the company look after. The reason we’re trying to establish this is the more properties that a property manager has, generally speaking, the less they’re going to know about your specific property. We’ve heard stories of property managers looking after up to 150 to 200 properties, now it is fair to say that somebody looking after 80 properties would be able to look after them better and get to know them compared to someone looking after 150 to 200 properties? Business is a factor because if they are too busy to respond and to do the job properly it’s going to mean the property won’t be looked after.

The second question to ask is do they have a leasing specialist or do they have somebody who will be dedicated to finding you a tenant. The reason we ask this particular question is that vacancy is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to your overall rental return. So if they don’t have somebody that’s able to show up after hours and on the weekends when tenants are wanting to view the property, it’s really going to hinder your chances of finding a quality tenant quickly.

The third question is, what is your marketing strategy? When you bring the property to market you need a strategy to make sure that it is absolutely targeting the correct demographic, has the best photos and videos, and the right online marketing spread across as many online platforms as possible creating a wide net and hoping to catch as many possible tenants.

So to recap, number one is to make sure you find out how many properties a property manager is looking after. Number two is asking if the manager is dedicated to working those after hours and making sure that you can show tenants when they want a viewer. Number three, most importantly, is their marketing strategy. Now if you ask those three questions before hiring a property manager and they’re solid on their answers chances are they’re going to do a good job by you. Have more questions? Feel free to give us a quick call and we can explain to you in more detail whether you should hire a property manager. Another article we have written discusses Property Management Fees, check it out!


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