What You Need to Know about Worm Cafes for Wattle Grove

In a development that all property managers in the Perth metropolitan area are following, the Shire of Kalamunda, including Wattle Grove, is implementing new waste measures as part of an overall strategy to reduce the amount of waste that has been, until now, relegated to the landfills.

Worm Cafe
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The main strategy is going to be the use of worm cafes and compost bins. This will enable residents to use worms to recycle waste. The waste will then become some of the best organic fertiliser one could want for their garden. This is a situation where everybody wins. Instead of being wasted, or put into unusable landfills, organic waste is recycled back into the earth at each home, improving the quality of the soil in each yard or garden.

The worm cafes are 578 cm long x 39 cm x 75 cm. They will be available in mid-September, and can be ordered as early as mid-August from the administration building. One worm cafe per property is the current allotment, though residents are welcome to order more from outside vendors if they wish.

So, What is a Worm Cafe, Anyway?

A worm cafe, also known as a worm farm, is a kit which contains a base tray and from one to three “working trays.” The worms live in the base tray, and your organic waste, or at least that of your house, becomes their food, making the working tray their “cafe.” They then process your home’s waste into fertiliser for your garden.

What Goes into the Worm Cafe?

Worms will help you recycle a lot of waste. Fruit and vegetable scraps or peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, hair clippings, vacuum cleaner dust, cartons from dairy products, torn-up newspapers, and crushed egg shells are great examples of things to put into your worm cafe.

What Does this Mean to You?

If you have investment properties in the Shire of Kalamunda, it means that you have to make sure your tenants are complying with the law, or you could be subject to fines. If, on the other hand, you have a property manager from our Perth office, and don’t live in Kalamunda, it means absolutely nothing to you, because we take care of compliance for you.

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