Why Locals Love the Grove Grill

In another “episode” of our tour of suburban hotspots, we stop at the Grove Grill in Wattle Grove. The Grove Grill is at 610 Welshpool Road East, Wattle Grove and is located within the site of the Wattle Grove Motel.

Property Management in Wattle Grove

Why We Like the Grove

The Wattle Grove Motel settles on 5 acres of rural land, but is located only 10 km from the Perth CBD. The Wattle Grove Motel is known for spacious, high-quality accommodation and caters to both tourists and corporate travellers. The Grove Grill serves delicious cuisine while maintaining a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

For lunch, The Grove Grill offers Grilled Red Spot Emperor Fillets, Cajun Grilled Lamb Cutlets, a 200 gm Scotch Fillet, or unpretentious favourites such as a Steak Sandwich or Beer Battered Fish and Chips.

Dinner is a bit more elaborate. Though a Steak Sandwich and Fish and Chips are still available, there are also such choices as a Surf and Turf consisting of a 350 gm Butterfield Rib-Eye with Tiger Prawns. Poached Salmon Fillet and Loin of Aged Lamb are also available. Those who really like gourmet beef can order the Butterfield Beef Fillet, which is wrapped in prosciutto and served on pan-roasted potatoes.

Why We Like Wattle Grove

Wattle Grove is classified as 25% urban and 75% semi-rural, even though it is only 10-15 km from Perth, depending upon location. According to 2011 ABS Census statistics, it is a diverse suburb; though 36.6% of its population was born outside of Australia, the largest contingent from any one country is 5.6% from England, with 3.7% from New Zealand being the next highest concentration. 54.7% of the people in Wattle Grove are married and 26.3% are under 15 years of age.

Housing statistics are favourable for families. The weekly family income is $1,954.00 per week and the median monthly loan repayment is $2,331. Weekly rents are $400. 17.8% of all homes in Wattle Grove are owned by the occupant, while another 65.7% are being purchased by the occupant. Only 14.8% are rental properties.

The current median price for homes is $550,000 and Wattle Grove’s Demand to Supply Ratio score is classified as “above average.” Our property management team sees a lot of potential for capital gain in Wattle Grove.

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