Why this Picturesque Reserve in Canning Vale is so Popular

Our property management team enjoys working with properties in Canning Vale. Canning Vale was mostly farms until the late 1970’s, when it slowly began to change into a residential area. Even then, most of Canning Vale was zoned rural until residential zoning began to become prevalent in 1994.

Property Management Team Likes Canning Vale

Changing Demographics in Canning Vale

According to the ABS Census in 2001, Canning Vale had a population of 12,849 and most were in the lower-middle income category. By 2006, the population had grown to 23,289 with 62.8% married households earning a median weekly household income of $1,591. By the 2011 Census, Canning Vale had grown to a diverse population of 30,665.

Why our Property Management Team Likes Canning Vale

Our property management team likes Canning Vale because it is a suburb that has retained a bit of a small-town atmosphere while still providing easy access to the Perth central business district (CBD) and all of its large city amenities.

While Canning Vale is 20 km from Perth, it is bounded by the Roe Highway, which provides easy access to the Albany Highway and the Kwinana Freeway. Canning Vale has plenty of buses to take residents to the Perth CBD, Cannington or Murdoch University.

Many warehousing operations and distribution facilities provide abundant employment opportunities within Canning Vale.

The Sandringham Promenade Reserve

The Sandringham Promenade Reserve is a beautiful park in Canning Vale. The Sandringham Promenade Reserve provides myriad and diverse recreational opportunities and has become a very popular spot for local residents.

The Sandringham Promenade Reserve combines natural beauty with landscaped gardens, providing the best that both nature and man have to offer. It has naturally vegetated areas, open grassed areas, landscaped gardens, artificial lakes and a rotunda. Visitors expecting to use the Rotunda are often surprised to find out that a wedding or another group function is going on, so those planning to use it are advised to call and check their schedule.

Only the Beginning

Canning Vale boasts many more amenities than just the Sandringham Promenade Reserve. It is very close to both Gosnells and Canning with full access to their amenities that is why a lot of property managers consider this suburb a good place to devote your time and money in.

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