Why Use a Buyer’s Agent for Investment Property in Perth?

Property investors, property managers and buyer’s agents have a saying about Perth properties that is as true today as it was when it was first said years ago: “The money is made when you buy.” It makes good sense to have a buyer’s agent who is on your side when you are trying to maximise your short-term or long-term return on an investment property.

Buyer's Agents in Perth for your Investment Properties

Buy Low, Sell High

In general terms, it is just as important to “buy low” as it is to “sell high.” Specifically, it is even more important to find the right property at the right price and make sure that it fits your budget, your position in life and your investment strategy.

The market is competitive today and the small investor can’t afford to “go it alone,” if for no other reason than the fact that their competition is assembling teams of professionals to help them with their investment properties. In a market like Perth, it is essential to have an “edge” when negotiating for properties.

We Do All the Work

At Investors Edge, we have more than 70 years combined investing experience at finding the best properties for your situation at the best prices. All you have to do is tell us about your situation, select a strategy, fill out some paperwork, then relax and let us do the work. Our buyer’s agents at Investors Edge will find a Perth property that best suits your needs. Then, we will negotiate and settle the property.

What Investors Edge Can Do for You

At Investors Edge, our buyers agents are investors in the Perth market themselves. We operate in 126 Perth suburbs and we know which areas are primed for capital growth, both long and short-term. We can provide a full team of finance brokers, building inspectors, tradesmen and settlement agents to make purchasing the best property easy and hassle-free.

Our experienced negotiators know how to make a deal at the lowest possible price. They also know when to simply walk away and find another property. Our settlement fee is fixed and we assure you that we are always on your side.

Call 1300 472 427 today and find out about our guaranteed no lock in contracts. It pays to have professionals on your side.

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