Supporting Camp Zero2Hero for the Teens of Perth!

Last month I spent 5 days as a mentor at the most amazing leadership camp for Perth teenagers run by the Zero2Hero charity.

Supporting Camp Hero for the Teens of Perth

It transformed the 42 teenager’s lives by equipping them with confidence and the real world skills for maintaining their own mental wellbeing as well as spotting the signs of depression and suicide amongst peers in our community. Thinking back to when I was in High School, I desperately needed a camp like this!

The camp was seriously challenging! Being woken up at 6am one mourning to swim over and back across a freezing river with my team, having to face our fears climbing up a 25m rock climbing wall and abseiling back down the other side… Eeek! I am not that great with height and neither were many of the teens, but we all pushed through our fears to complete the task.

Supporting Camp Hero for the Teens of Perth - Brant GarveyWe had some inspiring and eye opening speakers across the 5 days. One of the most empowering sessions covered how to have “Safe Talk” to those showing signs of depression or suicide… Powerful stuff which has already come in handy for me.

We also had Brant Garvey speak about overcoming a disability, which you may recognize from the HBF adverts. The things this guy has achieved with 1 leg are nothing short of amazing. Seeing him shoot up the rock climbing wall certainly made me feel pumped to conquer it! He is completing triathlons at the speed of able bodied athletes and making his qualifying bid for the Paralympics next year.

I went into the camp thinking it was only about helping the teens, but from volunteering I got so much personal growth and met so many wonderful people that I will definitely be back!!!

There are many ways that you can help this amazing charity, here are details of an info night about the volunteering opportunities. We are also looking for sponsors to help make our next camp in April happen, so call or message me to chat about options on supporting camp hero for the teens of Perth.


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