A Trusted Tradie is a Property Manager’s Best Friend

If you ask any property manager in Perth about their trades, you will instantly know whether or not your relationship with them is going to be beneficial. When it comes to keeping investment properties in Perth well-maintained, it is mandatory that the management firm has a roster of competent, trustworthy tradies.

Investors Edge Tradies BBQAt Investors Edge, we value our relationships with our group of professional, competent tradies. We don’t hire just anyone to take care of our clients; our requirements are strict. But in the long run, it’s worth it to us to be picky, because our clients know that their investment properties are being taken care of by Perth’s best tradies.

So, what are those requirements? First, they must be licensed and insured. This may seem obvious, but there are some companies who don’t always follow this rule. For us, there is no question: if you don’t care enough to get licensed and insured, you don’t care enough to do work for our clients.

Next, they have to have professional work habits. For us, that boils down to being trustworthy, well-mannered, and able to keep their word. We have to know that all tasks will be completed immediately, and in a professional, competent manner.

Next, they must have a good communication basis. In other words, we must be able to get a hold of them when we need them. Calls have to be returned immediately, and not at their leisure. This ensures that emergency repairs are completed promptly.

The last quality is that they must provide quality work for a reasonable price. The bottom line is that we look for professionals who take pride in what they do and charge a fair price for their labour.

Investors Edge Tradies BBQ

Recently, we organised a tradies BBQ as a way to thank them for all of their hard work, and making the maintenance of investment properties an easier task. When we can offer such competent and trustworthy tradies, it helps provide the property owner with peace of mind, knowing that any job will be completed in a prompt and competent manner.

We would like to thank our tradies for all of the hard work they have done.

Call 1300 472 427 today to get our tradies working for you.

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