Is your Garden ready for Summer?

On behalf of the Perth property managers in our office, I would like to give you some tips to make sure that your gardens are well-maintained during spring and summer. A lot of making a garden look great in the summer is done in the spring. The things you do now can have a huge effect on your garden in a few months.

Property Managers in Perth in Maintaining a Garden

Managing Your Watering Restrictions and Water Usage

As many tenants and residential and/or investment property owners in Perth well know, the Perth area is under permanent watering restrictions. Having just finished the winter ban, it is important to take advantage of the spring to make sure your garden is in top shape.


However, it is even more important to make sure that you know your watering days. Watering on inappropriate days can result in fines and nobody wants to pay a fine.

There are other steps you can take to minimise wasted water, thus saving you time and money. First, inspect your hoses for hand watering to make sure they don’t have leaks and work OK. If not, be sure to purchase new ones to save time, energy and water. Also, make sure your retic is in working order. This can cause more wasted time than any piece of equipment if it doesn’t work properly.

Maintenance Tips for the Garden

We recommend mulching as a great way to minimise the necessity for watering but first, you want to remove any garden waste that could become a fire hazard. Also, remember that spring is a double-edged sword for your garden.

While grass, flowers and vegetables all start to grow in the spring, so do unwanted pests—weeds. Make sure to tackle them early before they get a chance to gain a foothold in your garden.

Plant your seeds in the spring, starting with flowers. If you have vegetables, don’t plant them in the same spot you did last year. The soil under your grass may need to be aerated, especially if it has become compacted during the winter. It is wise to start fertilising in the spring, too.

We Can Do All the Work For You

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