Episode 81: Playing A Strong Defence with Michael Yardney

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It’s very easy to think you are a property investing hero when the market is going up. Even though the Perth market has more upside ahead, I am watching the slow down to the Sydney and Melbourne property markets and I wanted to look at how each of us can position ourselves to play a strong defence so that when things do soften for Perth we are prepared. 

I’m thrilled to have Michael Yardney back on the show to take us through his tips on how to best prepare. He’s one of Australia’s most awarded and recognised property investment specialists with a few more grey hairs then me, so there is lots we can learn from his insights. 

He’ll explain why he doesn’t believe the market will crash and what we can do with our mindset, finances, and property choices to place ourselves with a strong defence and be ready for anything.

It will be a fascinating discussion, so let’s go inside!


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Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Current Market Situation [02:29]
  3. Protecting Drawbacks and Strengthening Defence [06:01]
  4. Reasons Why The Real Estate Market Won’t Crash [07:04]
  5. New Government Policy [10:08]
  6. Why Experts Are Mistaken [13:25]
  7. When Will Interest Rates Slow Down? [14:21]
  8. Long-Term Strategy [16:52]
  9. Interesting Trend [20:34]
  10. Final Thoughts [23:35]
  11. Outro [25:22]


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